Snake through the Tennessee mountains, through "Stoney Creek" and across into the pastoral Shady Valley. From there, it's on up to the extraordinary Backbone Rock, with outcroppings, hiking trails, and beautiful photo ops. Continue into Damascus, home of the Virginia Creeper Trail, and return through peaceful Mountain City, beside the beautiful Watauga Lake.
This ride takes you through historic Elizabethton, to the top of Roan Mountain—home of East Tennessee's grandest scenery. Legend holds that natives gathered here to wage a great war at 6,285 feet. Roan Mountain is also home to the world's largest natural stand of Catawba Rhododendron. It's the perfect place to feel the cool breeze, smell the wildflowers, and let your mind wander back to a simpler time.
Northeast Tennessee has an epic history—from the "volunteers" who saved the American Revolution, to the homes of legendary pioneers, statesmen, and even a U.S. President. This route takes you along cobblestone streets to the birthplace of Davy Crockett, past extraordinary museums, and even a farm stuck in 1791.
Called the "8th Wonder of the World" by William Jennings Bryan, Natural Tunnel is more than one million years old, and has been attracting visitors for more than two centuries. Ride the chairlift down to hiking trails, picnic tables, and, of course, the incredible tunnel itself.
As the home of the legendary Carter Family and the Birthplace of Country Music, this area laid the foundation for America's modern music scene. See the burger joint where Hank Williams was last seen alive, visit the auditorium that June Carter and Johnny Cash called home, and make your own tracks in the land where the first "country" recordings were made in 1927.
During colonization, settlers were confronted by Indians—who seemed to attack, and then disappear into thin air. Later, colonists discovered a majestic underground river, which they used as a hiding place during the Civil War. On this ride you'll see this unique cave, now called Bristol Caverns, as well as Appalachian Caverns—an underground labyrinth more than one million years old.
It's no secret, the geography and landscape of Northeast Tennessee wouldn't be the same without several man-made lakes. This tour takes you through rugged gorges, past rocky cliffs, mountain streams, tranquil lakes, unique sites, spectacular formations, and miles of roller-coaster dips and rural charm.
This ride, from Johnson City to Clinch Mountain, is as sweet as the original "Vinegar Pie" at the Lookout Restaurant. It takes you through some of East Tennessee's oldest communities, on the trails blazed by Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett. Get a panoramic view of Cherokee Lake and the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. It's truly a feast for the eyes!
Prepare to have your breath taken away as you snake across lakes, rivers, and streams of one of the beautiful Appalachian mountain range. Ultimately, the ride leads to one of the greatest rides in the whole world—the Blue Ridge Parkway. Visit the Moses Cone House, the Linn Cove Viaduct, or the various overlooks of Grandfather Mountain.
Bays Mountain Park is known for its noisiest inhabitants: the wolves. And on this ride, your tires will howl just as loud as they do. Just a few twists of the throttle will take you to a land where deer, wild turkeys and otters thrive alongside owls, beavers, and falcons.
Explore the scenic roads leading to the historical Rocky Mount and Tipton-Hayes Historical Sites, The Sycamore Shoals Fort and Carter's Mansion—the oldest mansion in East Tennessee, dating back to 1775. At the Doe River, you'll see one of the country's last remaining covered bridges—which dates back to the early 1800s.
Feast your eyes on some of the nation's largest breeding trout, then ascend into the famed Cherokee National Forest. This ride goes into the Tennessee and North Carolina mountains. As you ride further away from civilization you'll find yourself in a land formerly known for its whiskey makers and moonshine runners.